• Testing 101: Structural Patterns

  • ActiveRecord Patterns

  • About Face

    Engineering departments follow rigorous methods that ensure the feasibility and quality of the technology. Similarly, marketing, sales, and other business units follow methods for ensuring the commercial viability of new products. What’s left out is a repeatable, predictable, and analytical process for ensuring desirability. (p9, 4th ed.)

  • How to read a project’s dependencies directly from git

    I have a program that lists all of my company’s projects and various statistics about them. Between little APIs, background services, and large applications, we’re getting quite a collection of Rails projects. I decided to add a column to show which version of Rails each was running—a column that would be automatically updated.

  • The Principles of Product Development Flow

    In the past you may have been told that the key to economic success is efficiency…[or] conformance to plan… I would suggest that both of these popular beliefs are fundamentally wrong. The key to economic success is making good economic choices with the freshest possible information. (p235, emphasis mine)